Decrease stress, prevent absenteeism, lift productivity, and provide a sense of good will.

Expedite Group's core strength lies in helping our clients respond, not just react. We are all bombarded with a million pieces of information and choices each day. Studies have shown that this can be extremely distracting and mentally exhausting.

We help clear the clutter. We sort through all the information and recommend the best and most useful options. We build a level of trust with each client enabling them make the most informed decisions while maintaining focus on the job.

Why invest in this program?

  • Increased Productivity - Increased Profitability
    Life happens, on and off the job, and stresses can adversely affect productivity as well as bottom line profits. A well-implemented work-life balance solution greatly reduces pressures and has a significant impact on ROI.
  • More Engaged Workforce - Positively Impacting Customers
    When employees are out of balance and stressed, internal and external customers suffer. Employee loyalty and engagement increases in direct proportion to their perception that the organization is committed to help with both their work and life needs.
  • Recruitment and Retention Advantage
    In today's society, more workers expect their employers to foster positive work-life culture, and recognize that in addition to having a job, they also have a life. Data suggests that the number one reason people leave their job is due to work-life balance issues with their boss.
  • High Cost of Stress on Healthcare
    Executives are looking for ways to control healthcare costs by engaging employees to improve their own wellness and reduce stress. By offering a meaningful work-life solution, companies are reducing absenteeism and reaping the benefits of a healthier and happier workforce.

"Never worked for a company that offered this benefit. I find it to be very beneficial and time-saving. Thank you."