Some of our clients have include:

  Clients - Blue Cross Blue Shield   Clients - Duke Clinical Research  
"We looked at several concierge service vendors when our company decided to offer this benefit to our employees. Most of them were national vendors. We chose Expedite Group because the company is locally based and has relationships with many local vendors to provide on-site services, but more importantly, because their staff has a wealth of knowledge about local merchants."

Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC
Brand Manager
"Employers who want to win the war for talent must continually find ways to foster employee engagement. We believe one way to do this is to treat employees as multi-dimensional people who have significant needs, obligations and interests that extend outside of the workplace. The services we provide through Expedite Group enable our employees to leverage their available time and energy. The result is that employees feel respected and are more willing and better equipped to focus on their work responsibilities. It's a rare "win-win" scenario that requires a moderate investment but provides a huge return."

Duke Clinical Research Institute
Chief Human Resources Officer
Clients - Wilson Medical Center Clients - Quintiles
"Our managers often have an increase in responsibilities with little or no increase in support. Having Expedite Group help with corporate events is one way they can creatively get things accomplished. Our Managers have complicated lives and Expedite Group can help partner with them to be part of the solution!"

Wilson Medical Center
Manager of Volunteers
"We are thrilled to be working with Expedite Group. The program was very easy to implement, the cost is extremely affordable, and all employees have a chance to share in the benefits of the service."

Quintiles Transnational Corp
Director, Global HR Communications
Clients - Scynexis
"This is a benefit that every employee can take advantage of. This one service makes a personal difference to our varied workforce, while matching our corporate HR objectives: whether we are trying to recruit a 20-something, getting a new hire on-boarded quickly, or giving back to a tenured employee. Each employee uses Expedite Group for different reasons, yet we look like heroes because we are giving employees something meaningful to them on a personal level."

Human Resources Manager