Errand Running for Employees Benefits and Recognition

Errand Running

Errand Running - Running Man

Expedite Group offers three types of errand running services that can be used with any of our hourly packages. Expedite Group Errand Running Service has a minimum of 10 hours per month. No contracts are required.

Our Errand Running Service includes Corporate Errands, Employee Errands and Executive Errands for designated employees. Any of the three types of errands can be combined with any hourly package. Want our Marathon Package (20 Hours per Month)? Great! You can use those hours for a mix of Corporate, Employee and/or Executive Errands. Each package is completely customizable.

Corporate Errands

Our Corporate Errand Running Services are best utilized to run typical office errands and for special personalized deliveries to important clients.

  • Post Office
  • Fruit Delivery
  • Customer Appreciation
  • Office Supply Store
  • Party Supplies
  • Warehouse Clubs
  • Walmart/Target
  • And much more!

Employee Errands - As a Benefit, Award or Recognition

Employer provided benefit for all employee or use as employee recognition for teams and individuals. Many of our customers use this as a recruitment tool during the interview process.

  • Personal Grocery Shopping
  • Dry Cleaning Drop Off/Pick up
  • Gift Purchases
  • Walmart/Target
  • And much more!

Executive Errands

Employer provided benefit for Leadership Team. Provide your key personnel with their own private errand runner to help tackle their personal to do lists.

"I loved that they went out and bought the food so that I did not have to go to the store!"