On-Site Concierge

On-Site Concierge - Bell

Expedite Group will alleviate those daily pressures by providing employees, tenants, and attendees unlimited access to an on-site concierge.

Increase employee engagement with an on-site concierge service. By handling employees' errands, this service will allow them to focus more on the job and be part of a positive work environment.

Services include:

  • Mail services
  • Gift purchases
  • Jewelry repair
  • Shoe cleaning/repair
  • Grocery shopping, and much more!

By adding concierge services as part of your amenities package, this will distinguish your building apart from your competitors. This is a valuable amenity that results in increased occupant satisfaction and occupant longevity.

Services include:

  • Permitting vendors into the home or office for repairs
  • Accepting or mailing packages
  • Coordinating and facilitating building events
  • Handling dry cleaning
  • Shopping (grocery store, mall, Target, etc...)

Connect with your attendees on a personal level and make a lasting impact by offering a concierge to help with their needs before, during, and after your next event.

Services include:

  • Pre-Conference services: Attendees coming early or staying later for vacation time with or without family.
  • During Event: Recommendations for dinner, activities, local shoppingc and errand running.
  • Post-Conference Services: Clients have the option to provide customers and prospects with extended virtual concierge services beyond the life of the tradeshow.
  • Post Conference: Clients have the right to decide which customers or prospects should receive extended virtual concierge service beyond life of tradeshow.

For additional information about our on-site concierge offerings or to get started customizing your own concierge package, please call 800.322.9211.

"On-site representative has been most helpful with providing services as well as names of vendors. I am new to the area so I am not familiar with what is available in this area. Representative has been wonderful and positive on each encounter with her. This is a huge asset to our hospital."