Press Releases

CPA and Attorney Expedite Group is excited to announce the addition of accounting and law firms to their portfolio

Raleigh, NC – February 2016 – High billable employees are a great fit for Expedite Group errand running services. "Accounting and Law Firms are beginning to have a better understanding of work/life balance and the direct correlation with employee engagement." said Jamie Rohrbauck, President of Expedite Group. "In addition, these are industries with high hourly rated employees. The employer is reaping the rewards with a significant ROI with employee production alone. We will continue to see an increase in accounting and law firms as clients, as the millennial generation continues to move into the workforce and employers realize the true value of work/life balance."

Don't Get Stuck in the Ham Jam 2015 Expedite Group is at it again. Creating unique ways to save employees time!

Raleigh, NC – November 2015 – A better work/life balance especially around the holidays is important in keeping employees engaged and on track. Expedite Group has launched a new serviced called "Ham Jam". No more waiting in line for your Honey Baked Ham order. For the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays, on selected days, Expedite Group errand runners will be picking up hams and delivering them directly to your office. "This is a service that has employees very excited. They are excited about not having to wait in line at Honey Baked Ham. Having their ham delivered directly to their office is a huge time saver for employee and employer.

Valentine's Day Promo 2015 Expedite Group is launching another employee and tenant benefit this Valentine's Day

Raleigh, NC – January 22,2015 – Existing Clients Employees and Tenants will be excited to know that Expedite Group is launching it's first ever mix and match Valentine's Day promotion. You pick the gifts and we do the rest. "We are very excited to be launching new and innovative ways to help employees, tenants and corporations stay more engaged with their tasks at hand." said Jamie Rohrbauck, President of Expedite Group.

Carolina Parent names Expedite Group as a N.C. Family-Friendly company

Cary, NC – September 17, 2009 – Carolina Parent magazine named Expedite Group one of N.C. Family-Friendly 50 companies. This list recognizes North Carolina companies that offer outstanding family-friendly options to their employees. Read more...

Expedite Group Receives Prestigious Pinnacle Award

Cary, NC - February 20, 2009 - The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce has announced Expedite Group as the winner of the prestigious First Citizens Bank Exceptional Customer Experience Award. The Chamber looks for a company that provides great customer service, but, more importantly, a company that goes above and beyond in establishing an exceptional customer experience at every point of contact, throughout the organization. Read more...

Expedite Group Holds the 1st Annual Vendor Meet and Greet

Cary, NC - February 5, 2008 - Expedite Group, a national corporate concierge company, is hosting their first annual Vendor Meet and Greet Thursday, February 5 at their headquarters in Cary. This will be a great opportunity for vendors to get to know the Expedite Group employees, as well as provide them with the opportunity to connect with other vendors in the area. Read more...

"It was very difficult for me to orignially use Expedite Group because I normally feel like I have to do everything myself and don't like to inconvenience others. However, after I used your services one time, I realized what a huge benefit was being provided to us from our employer. The people have always been very responsive, cordial to deal with, and reliable. I am thrilled with your services!"