Services Overview

Expedite Group At YOUR Service.

In today's busy world, we are all asked to do more with less. With Expedite Group, employees are able to focus more on their jobs because their external life issues and to-do's are more manageable.

We always hear people say, "it sounds too good to be true." The fact is, it is true - the sky's the limit! Expedite Group offers errand running and information services.

Our errand running services include errands for corporate errands, employee errands, employee recognition and we also provide more customized executive errands. For example, we can pick up groceries, take a pair of shoes to be re-soled, deliver a gift to an important customer and even mail a package at the post office. For those unexpected household emergencies, we can schedule and meet the vendor at home for an immediate repair.

Expedite Group provides thorough research to employees for personal items or for corporate research. We include the most comprehensive data for products, services, travel, vendors, and much, much more. Our members have asked us things like, "Can you help me plan a corporate function?", "Can you help me find a painter for my home?", and "Can you research the best digital camera on the market?" For more, check out our Interesting Requests showcase!

Through our employer provided benefit program, errand running, research and coordination is free to employees. So whether you are looking for innovative ways to help revitalize your workforce, recruit top talent, or impact loyalty, this individualized benefit can make the biggest impact in all employees' lives. Giving each employee the help he/she needs with what matters most to them.