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Expedite Group – How It Works

Employers hire us to run errands for their employees (or the company) while they are at work.


The "To Do" List

Provide your employees with the tools and resources to create their own individualized blend of work/life balance. At an affordable monthly price, companies can engage with Expedite Group to run errands for the both the employee and the company.

Submit an Errand

The employee logins in, creates an errand and tells us where to go (within a 5 mile radius) on the company's designated errand running days. Examples would include grocery store, picking up a birthday cake, dry cleaning, Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, speciality stores and much more!


The errand runner completes the errand and delivers your employees products back to the office, before the end of the work day. The employee pays us directly for the products purchased and the employer pays for the service. Now your employee can go home and relax!

Employer and Employee Happiness!

  • I do not know what I would do without Expedite Group. I feel very fortunate that my employer has this amazing service. Thank you Expedite Group.
    Time Saver!
  • Our company has been able to reap the rewards of utilizing Expedite Group's errand running services. Our employees are more engaged, have more free time in their personal lives and truly appreciate the service. It is a minimal investment with a tremendous about of reward.
    Employee Happiness
  • As a busy working professional, it is extremely difficult to meet our deadlines at work and still be able to juggle all of my personal errands. It is always those little errands that take up most of my time. Expedite Group has allowed me to focus on work and spend more time with my family.
    My To Do List
  • Our receptionist was always tasked with running errands in our office. This pulled away valuable resources from the staff. Since we have hired Expedite Group to run both our corporate and personal employee errands, we have been able to focus more on our deadlines and meeting the demands of our customers. The return on investment is paid back in employee morale and engagement.
    Corporate Errands